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Leonie Meijer (born in Rotterdam, 1985)


paints, sings and composes music. The inner world of human beings is being translated on the canvas into all kinds of beautiful creatures, some abstract and some more realistic. Always with an alienating touch. Besides figurative art she explores the world of abstract. 

Growing up in a little suburb called Bleiswijk, near Rotterdam, as a young child Leonie was extremely fascinated by modern art. She hung posters on her bedroom wall of Kandinsky and Van Gogh and studied them at a young age. Art was her way to escape the daily life and create a dreamy, colorful world in her mind full of passion.

She knew one thing: artists make the world more beautiful. 

Music and art are the two great loves in her life. Music somewhat more in the spotligt with a succesful musical career for over a decade now, but her art takes place in her own art studio at home, in silence. She is a self-taught artist. 

Leonie: "Human emotion is what drives me when I paint just as much as when I compose songs. The alienating abstract side to it feels like something I can't live without. If an alienating image can transfer emotions that I (or someone else) can relate to, just then I can be satisfied with my work."

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